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2018 Event Photos
Jasper and the Donnelly's

It's roughly 8:45 AM on November 17th. The morning sun hasn't managed to burn off the fog. SIR members and their passengers are still arriving. Some wives keep warm in their cars.

The last drive of 2018 will take us to Jasper, Indiana, home of several club members, where Bob and Marie Donnelly will treat us to lunch and let us see a few treasures in their garage.

After the necessary preliminaries, 15 Porsches headed first toward Boonville.

Only a few days before, snow blanketed the southwest corner of Indiana. Today's pace would be mindful of the cold temperature and the operational limits of summer tires.

The crops had been harvested in the fields we passed.

That doesn't mean that the roads were boring, however.

For example, you may not have known that Hoosierhenge seems to be under construction along Indiana 62.

Of course, there could be some other explanation.

We pressed on.

We left the the farms along IN 62 at Gentryville and took IN 162 through Lincoln State Park. You could sense that winter might not be far off. Long mid-morning shadows were a clue.

But this was a pretty fall day, perfect for the year's final drive.

We made a pit stop at a fresh new Marathon station just east of IN 231.

We rolled past a closed-for-the-season Holiday World and made our way to Ferdinand. There traffic was backed up due to an early Christmas Festival. 

We continued to Jasper, passed the famous Schnitzelbank, and on to the Donnelly's.

There we found Bob and Marie, their beautiful home, and a very large garage. Our Porsches filled the drive and spilled over into the street.

While Bob and Marie would provide Chili, we brought more food and desserts.
Wives gravitated to the kitchen. Guys headed for the garage.

What we found is amply suggested by these tags.

Bob's collection includes four automotive wonders and a motorcycle with stunning horsepower, bright paint, and explosive potential. Each was an engineering marvel with its own unique character.

Eight hundred and how many horsepower?

We took pictures and video (and sound) of the Lamborghini Hurican's snarling V-10.

There is almost no luggage room, but there are white leather gloves should you ever need to use any of the tools. Fortunately, Audi's involvement has improved reliability. And why would you need luggage if you can drive to anywhere in the continental U.S. and back before dark?

We looked and listened and imagined the fun we could have and the trouble we could get into with all these toys.

Eventually, we found the kitchen, filled our plates and dispersed to various rooms to eat.

The Donnelly home is roomy and offered many places to dine and visit.

After lunch, Mark recognized members who joined during 2018 and gave Ross Rudolph and Doug Ramey china mugs commemorating popular SIR drives. Alan Fierst would have received one also, but he had slipped out just before Mark's announcement.

Scott Kleuh reminded people of the December Toys for Tots event at D-Patrick in his own inimitiable style.

Many thanks to Bob and Marie Donnelly for opening their home (and garage) to us and to the other Jasper-vicinty SIR members who met us there. This was a fascinating finish to the 2018 driving season!

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