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2018 Event Photos
Ireland and Jasper, Indiana 

A little mist and light rain couldn't stop us from a trip to Ireland (Indiana) to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and kick off the 2018 driving season. A record turnout of 21 drivers and 18 passengers participated!

Eager drivers and passengers listened to Jeff Jackson's instructions.

Safety Chair Dale Fatland cautioned us about slippery road conditions.

We drove west on Diamond Avenue to Indiana 65 North (Big Cynthiana Road).

HWY 65 provided a winding run through farmland and joined HWY 68 in Cynthiana.

HWY 68 broke off to the east toward Lynnville just out of town.

It looked gloomy but the long line of Porsches disappearing into the fog was fascinating.

Imagine motoring in the U. K. (or Germany) in the early spring.

A brief rest stop in Lynnville gave us time to visit with new members.

Gary Maier discussed this charming 914 with Joe and Jean Wolf.

Next we drove north on 61 through a series of twists and turns.

Finally, we arrived in Ireland for a quick glimpse of decorations, including...

... a leprechaun or two, and plenty of shamrocks.

Minutes later, we arrived in Jasper and gathered at the Schnitzelbank restaurant.

Our once pristine Porsches were thoroughly muddied. We were ready for lunch.

Jeff welcomed us and made announcements about upcoming events. Debbie kept him organized. While the Schnitzelbank staff took our orders, we enjoyed our time together. A good first drive, despite the conditions, made everyone cheerful and talkative.

Top left: Dale Fatland and Wayne Parks.
Top right: Linda Parks and Judy Ridings
Bottom left: Dee Dee Ramirez and Linda Barth
Bottom right: Manuel Ramirez and Scott Klueh

Top left: Dave Hostetter, Josef Schneider, and Katie Hostetter
Top right: Larry and Mary Ferguson, Greg Eyer
Bottom left: Kelly and Michele Dora
Bottom right: Joe and Jean Wolf

Top left: Nathan and Daniel Sargeant
Top right: Rich Gustafson and Mark Faris
Bottom left: Bret Grimes, Gary and Sharon Burks-Maier
Bottom right: Tami and Randy Brown, Melinda and Bob Myers

Top left: Rosie and Gary Stroud
Top right: Chris and Diane Hancock
Bottom left: Susan Jindrich, Olivia Barnett and Chase Miller
Bottom right: Jerry Jindrich

When others left for their respective homes, your humble photographers went back to Ireland to see what we had missed on our way through. The sunny shot above had been taken by Jeff and Debbie Jackson during planning excursions.

We found this rainbow, but no pot of gold.

Somehow we had passed this leprechaun hat and signage without seeing it the first time.

And then there was the flock of St. Paddy's Day flamingos on someone's front lawn...?
Clearly, this was a great first drive for 2018!

For more: See Diane Hancock's photos on her Member Photos page.

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