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2017 Event Photos

Our drive to Vincennes on March 18 started with a drivers' meeting in the Castle High School parking lot. It was chilly but we were happy and eager for our first outing of 2017.

Scott Klueh was leading us on a new route...

... to Boonville on HWY 261,...

... then north to Lynville and continuing northwest toward Vincennes on HWY 61.

The farmland of Pike County didn't appear to offer much in the way of winding roads, but quick succession of very sharp rights and lefts changed that opinion.

HWY 61 also offered some amusing humps.

Underway with Porsches stretching to the horizon (sort of). Did that sign suggest we drive in a zig-zag fashion?

Vincennes was only minutes away.

Scott had previously checked out Gilbert's,...

... whose parking lot was just right...

... for our group of 15 Porsches. (Loren Urfer met us there and parked on a different side.)

Inside, after Jerry announced that he and Susan would buy everyone's dessert because the 2001 Carrera 4 they ordered way back in 2000 was was just a few miles shy of the 100,000 mark and would pass it on this drive, Scott Klueh surprised the couple with a plaque.

The Jindrichs are now charter members of the SIR-PCA 100,000 Mile Club!

Diners included Michele Dora, Dee Dee Lewis, Linda Parks, and Rick Davenport.

Across the table were Mitch Deep, Dale Fatland,, Wayne Parks, Manuel Ramirez, and (not pictured) Kelly Dora.

At this table: Diane Hancock, Kate Fischer, and Linda Barth.

Across from them, Scott Klueh, Jerry Fischer, and Chris Hancock.

Here are Rich Gustafson, Randy Brown and and his son Shad.

Facing them, Loren Urfer,  A friend of Rich Gustafson's son, and his son.

At the corner table were Cheryl Roethemeier, Rita Southwell, and Emily Hamilton, and...

... Curt Hamilton, Mark Roethemeier, and Tom Southwell.

After lunch, club members took in various sights. Some explored the George Rogers Clark National Historic Park Visitor Center, viewing a short historical documentary film,...

... and taking a group selfie in the Memorial (see inset picture of exterior).

Jerry and Kate Fischer visited the William Henry Harrison home.

The Gustafson group, Browns, and Jindrichs visited the Military Museum.

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