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2017 Event Photos
Veterans Day, Vincennes, and the Military Museum 
(Thanks to Debbie Jackson for photos of the Color Guard and the SIR members at the Four Freedoms Monument)

This driving event began at Evansville's Four Freedoms Monument with a salute to all who served in the United States Military.

Scott Klueh commented on the debt we owe our veterans, some of whom are SIR members.

He also introduced and thanked the Toys for Tots Marine Color Guard for presenting the Flag.

Art Ayde, Music Director at the University of Evansville played the Star Spangled Banner and we joined in song. At the end of the ceremony, he played Taps.

For a cold morning, we had a decent turnout and would be joined by others on our way to Vincennes.

We followed I-69 around to the Morgan Avenue exit, and then followed IN62 east to Boonville.

Fall colors were bright on this sunny morning. At the Warrick County Courthouse we turned north on IN61.

We would follow that highway all the way to Vincennes.

We enjoyed Lynnville's rich autumn foliage.

We passed the remnants of coal mining operations.

And we ventured into wooded areas.

New member Bret Grimes joined us out of Lynnville.

IN61 passes through several small towns.

We stopped for a few minutes at the Sonoco station. Does "Sonoco" happen to mean "pit stop" in some foreign language?

We traveled through a few more miles of beautiful scenery before rolling into Vincennes.

We posed for a group shot in front of Gilbert's, then hurried inside for warm food and enthusiastic conversations.

At this table (L to R): Jeff Jackson, Gary Maier, Dave and Gail Hostetter and their daughter Katie.

Here: Terry Davis, new member Bret Grimes, Chris and Diane Hancock, and Sally Davis.

Here: guest Carol (sister of Ann Pendly) and new members Ann and Kevin Pendly.

Across the table, Scott Klueh and Linda Barth and Norman Hurst.

At the last table, Manuel and Dee Dee Ramirez, and Bob Donnelly.

Seated across from them: Marie Donnelly and Jerry and Susan Jindrich.

Because it was Veterans Day, several SIR members visited the nearby Indiana Military Museum after lunch.

The museum houses thousands of artifacts representing America's military history dating back to pre-Civil War days. A recent addition is the sail from the U.S. submarine Indianapolis.

Inside the main museum exhibit building we found chronologically arranged displays of memorabilia from various wars.

One could easily spend hours examining the collected artifacts.

Jeff Jackson had contributed his mother's uniform jacket, her photo and ID, and several other items to the museum from her time in the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Service, the WWII women's branch of the U.S. Naval Reserve).

Both rare and common military vehicles were on display, including this motorcycle.

Videos played on a wall-mounted screen covering a variety of topics.

The weapons and machines and uniforms and medals are all fascinating, but then you are reminded of the actual horrors of war, and you begin to really appreciate the men and women who choose to serve in the military.

This was a great fall trip. The Veterans Day ceremony was a fitting start. The drive was engaging and scenic. Lunch was lively. And the Military Museum offered an interesting conclusion.

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