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2017 Event Photos
Morganfield, Kentucky, with Curt Hamilton 
Photos and text courtesy of Mark Roethemeier

On July 22 we planned drive to Springmill Park State Park. Many of the
things to see there were outside and the heat was looking to be oppressive. It was time
to be flexible and rethink…I requested ideas from the members about where we might
drive that is closer to home that would allow us to drive without needing the normal
“Pitstop” getting out of the car and reloading up again. Thanks to several of you that
responded with suggestions. I had a suggestion that the Feed Mill in Morganfield KY
would be somewhere new and would produce some great food. The route there
seemed simple and direct. After I sent an email that we would go to the Feed Mill, Curt
Hamilton, member from Henderson Ky, sent me an email that he would like to suggest
a route that he assured me would be an enjoyable drive. I thought it would be a great
opportunity to have someone lead the drive that know the roads in that area.
It was in fact pretty hot that morning and it was good to be in the car with AC! We did
have a few Cabbys in the group. Off we went with Curt Hamilton leading. After crossing
the river, we picked up Mitch Deep and then Cris Yelton along the way in Henderson.
Before long we headed onto the rural roads of of Ky. I had no real clue of where we
were. The scenery was nice and the roads began to follow the distinctive pattern that
was laid out years ago. In those days, when roads were most likely dirt and gravel and
traveled by horse and wagon, no one would think about using up good farm land, so
the roads traveled at the perimeter of property lines and physical barriers. You have to
love those same roads today. There was one turn after the other…90’ turn to the right,
then left, up and down. One turn after another! What great fun! Obviously Curt had
driven these roads more than once. There is a confidence that comes from knowing
what is on the other side of a corner…follow the leader.

All I can say, this was one outstanding drive for being in a Porsche. The roads were
in great condition and most had been repaved in the recent past. Thanks to those KY
tax $$ at work! This will have to be one of our repeat drives in the future. At the end
we ended up at the Feed Mill for lunch. There was plenty of room to seat us. Whatever
was ordered, it seemed to be plenty. Cheryl and I ended up taking home as much as
we ate. It was a good choice and no excuse for going hungry.

The experience of this drive continues to reinforce my belief, that it is the surprise of
not knowing that ends up making a memorable event. I had no idea where we headed
or what the roads looked like ahead of us…but it is one of the best drives I have been

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