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Patti's 1880's Settlement 

October 14 was a beautiful fall morning for our drive through western Kentucky to Patti's. We signed our names, visited briefly, received instructions, and hit the road.

We threaded our way through road construction barrels to the twin bridges...

... And found ourselves driving south on the northbound bridge. After a drive through Henderson, where stoplights broke up our group, we took 60 West into the countryside.

We soon encountered the first of several heavy trucks that slowed our progress.

Undaunted, we caught before we reached Morganfield.

Soon, we left the tree-shaded city streets and headed for Kentucky's rich farmland.

Yes, that is another big truck ahead. There is a major rock quarry ahead.

The winding highway gave few opportunities to pass,...
... But we managed, enjoying the road and the views.

These archways were interesting.

We found more curves,...

... And more reasons to enjoy our Porsches.

We encountered more hills as we approached the Cumberland River and Lake Barkley.

Our fourteen cars wound through these sweeping turns.

Almost there.

Finally, we dropped down into the valley to find Patti's 1880's Settlement.

A local church allowed us to park in their lot.

It was a short walk to Patti's and the community of rustic shops.

Much to see and do.

First things first.

Then explore the shops. We had almost an hour until our lunch reservation

The Antique Mall drew a crowd.

                                         The wide porch was a great place to watch the world go by.

One of the curiosities was this motorcycle and trailer that we supposed would appear in a parade scheduled later in the day.

Were they impressed? Maybe.

Inside the Antique Mall, one could shop for antique china, handguns and rifles,...

... Or maybe a fine old motorcycle.

As noon approached, we made our way to Bill's, sort of a Patti's annex, where only dinners were served at lunch time.    

We occupied four tables. Here, (L-R): Rich Gustafson, Mark and Pam Faris, Kate and Jerry Fischer.

 At this table: Jeff Vandagriff and Shannon Lewis, and Debbie and Larry Vandagriff.

At the third table: Phil and Dawn Green, Norman Hurst, Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier.

Also at the third table: Susan Jindrich, Jerry Jindrich (not pictured), and Dave Hostetter.

At the last table: Terry Davis, Linda Barth and Scott Klueh.

Also at this table: Greg Collins, Sharon Burks-Maier and Gary Maier, Bob, JT, and Melinda Myers.

Also at table 4, the happy newlyweds, Manuel and Dee Dee Ramirez.

Strangely, it felt like Christmas inside Bill's. Might have been the decor. Still more for SIR-PCA before the year ends, though. This was fun. More to look forward to.

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