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2017 Event Photos
2017 Porsche Parade Page 2
Commentary and photos by Jeff Jackson

Porsche Parade Day 6-Friday, 7/14/17
Today we took the approx. 90- minute self-guided tour drive to Grand Coulee dam.  Miles of very little scenery other than huge expanses of wheat fields as far as the eye could see, and then began a winding descent into the river valley (coulee) to the Columbia River and the dam itself.  Lake Roosevelt appears first, and then the actual dam.  We stopped at the Visitor Center and looked at some of the displays and info about the dam’s construction.  Like many other depression era public projects, construction logistics were staggering.  The dining hall fed 1000 workers at a time; they even made their own ice cream using two 25-ton ice machines.  We had just enough time to drive up the road a mile or so and catch a guided tour.  We had to go thru’ security screening since the dam is critical to this part of the nation’s infrastructure.  Until construction on a huge dam in China was recently completed, Grand Coulee was the largest structure of its kind.  Hoover Dam would fit between the GCD spillway with room left over on either side.  Irrigation was the primary purpose of the dam, but hydroelectric power generation is also huge due to three large power generating stations.  I couldn’t keep track of all of the statistics, but I do remember just one of the multiple electric generators located in each generating station produces enough electricity to power Chicago for a day.  We returned to Spokane for a bite of lunch and then watched a few of the winning autocross cars being prepped for display tonight in the Autocross Banquet room here at the Grand.  Those cars were very well cleaned; I would have been happy to display the GT3M in its rather dirty, scruffy, tape-peeling “as raced” condition, but maybe that was outside of the display parameters.  Today’s pix are from the dam, and hopefully the Banquet room depending upon the lighting.

Parade Day 7 Sat 7/15/17
Today is our last full one in the Inland Northwest; Saturday at Parade typically includes the 5k Run, the Volunteer Luncheon, the Parade of Porsches, and the Victory Banquet.  We’ll make the luncheon, and Victory Banquet, but skip the PoP again…one of these years maybe I’ll fit that in, but not in 2017.  There’s a FedEx Office store right next to the hotel, so after the Luncheon I plan to ship all the Parade Swag home via FE Ground.  Speaking of swag, don’t miss our upcoming First Saturday in August at D-Pat as there will be drawings for goodie bags made up of said items for you to win.  A common tradition at the Victory Banquet is the promo for next year’s Parade which will be in the Ozarks at the Tan-Tar-A Resort in central Missouri.  It’s a 400- acre facility, so most activities should be relatively site-centric.  Debbie emailed me her preliminary research; Tan-Tar-A is only about 340 miles from Evansville, so you need to start making your plans to attend the 2018 Parade.  Off the top of my head, I believe the dates will be Sunday July 13-Saturday July 19.   The site for the 2019 Parade will also be announced at the Victory Banquet for the first time---you didn’t hear it from me, but reliable sources indicate the 2019 Parade will be in Boca Raton, FL.  Terry and I will be back to our zero-dark-thirty routine starting tomorrow for our return trip.  I won’t bore you with day-to-day reports, but will probably do some sort of summary/commentary along the way and send it along.  Today’s pix are from the Volunteer Luncheon and arrival of the Reliable Transport Carriers, presumably for the PCNA display and personal vehicles.

Porsche Parade 2017 Epilog
After another three days on the road, Terry and I arrived back in Evansville around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon 7/18.  No side-trips this time.  Just saw the PCA E-Break News email re the 2500 attendees that set a Parade attendance record in Spokane; there were around 1100 cars, and mention was made about nearing a record turnout, but final numbers weren’t available before we left Spokane.  It’s hard to believe the Parade is already over…as always, a great time!  Let me clarify the dates for the 2018 Parade at Tan-Tar-A resort in the Ozarks as I may not have gotten it right in an earlier email report: the 2018 dates are Sunday, 7/8 thru Sat 7/14/18.  I’ll have flyers/brochures for the 2018 site at the August First Saturday at D-Patrick in addition to the previously announced swag give-aways.  Speculation about Porsche Parade 2019 turned out to be correct; it will in fact be in Boca Raton, FL.  The Ozarks are less than a day’s drive from Evansville, I hope a large number of SIRPCA folks plan to make the trip.  French Lick was fun for our contingent in 2015 and it would be fantastic to have a large group from our Region make the trip in 2018!  I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Terry Davis for being a great co-driver and companion on the journey west.  And thanks to Debbie for holding down the fort at home; she handled a bagworm infestation and a tractor breakdown with aplomb in my absence and still managed to send me photos of our flower gardens every day.  Thanks also to Mark Roethemeier for forwarding the reports along to each of you.  And a special shout-out to Porsche of Spokane for outstanding customer service in the GT3M’s hour of need.  I hope you found these emails of interest; the final photos are from Parade lens-men, one in the paddock at the autocross, and my own version of the President Bush “Mission Accomplished” photo.  Almost forgot----total miles, 4543; 206.3 gallons of premium (mostly 91 Octane rather than my preferred 93), 22.02 miles/gallon.

- Jeff

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