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2017 Event Photos
Huber's Orchard and Winery 

The morning of October 28 was overcast and cold but a record number of SIR members gathered in the Castle High School parking lot for this year's trip to Huber's.

The cold didn't keep us from catching up with friends or petting a friendly dog.

Plus, there's the anticipation of an enjoyable drive in the country.
Mark introduced our Zone Rep Jack Stephenson and his wife Karen.

Then we hit the road toward Boonville, hoping for enough sun to make the fall colors pop.

A series of sharp turns kept drivers entertained, regardless.

Indiana 62 offers a nice, long ride.

The highway winds through woodlands and farms.

Near Dale, 62 crosses 231 in an odd, but probably more safe, manner than it used to. First, you turn right, then get in the far left lane to do a u-turn, travel a short distance north on 231, then turn right to continue on 62 to the east. Got that?

Here's the u-turn on this 4-lane divided highway.

By now, it's time for a pit stop.

First things first.

Visit. Buy some coffee or a snack. Anything to stay inside where it's warm.

Some of us are ready to travel again.

Beyond Dale, it's more of the same varied and colorful terrain.

The forests and open fields have a kind of beauty despite the grey day.

62 runs alongside I64 until...

...We reach a road that lets us hop onto the Interstate.

Boxsters and Caymans were well represented on this trip.

From here it's another 15 to 20 minutes to the exit at HWY 150.

 Then, it's still a bit of a drive to find Huber's.

Fortunately, there are helpful signs.

We arrived to find fewer Porsches than were here in 2016. The dreary weather must have discouraged many members of the Kentucky and Central Indiana regions.

Last year, these picnic tales were filled with happy and warm people eating lunch.

We pulled together as many members as we could find for a group photo. Others were shopping or hunting for a hot meal.

In this photo, back row, left to right:
Jack and Karen Stephenson, Dave Hostetter, unidentified SIR member in knit cap and wife (please let me know who they are - Jerry), Mark Roethemeier, Norman Hurst, Larry Vandagriff, Gary Maier, Randy and Shad Brown

Middle Row:
Jeff and Debbie Jackson, Criss Yelton,, Chery Roethemeier, Debbie Vandagriff, Scott Kleuh, and Mark Faris

Front row:
Paul and Carolyn Dornburg, Gary and Rosie Stroud, Macie Yelton, Jerry and Susan Jindrich, Richard Gustafson, Victoria and Mitch Deep, Linda Barth, and Pam Faris

Also present but not pictured:
Kelly and Michele Dora, Bob and Melinda Myers, Terry Davis, Brent Brooks, James and Tamara Shade. Did I miss anyone?

After the photo, people ate indoors and then shopped for warm donuts, pastries, breads, pumpkins, decorative squashes, apples, hot apple cider, and/or hot coffee.

Then we all curled up in our cars, cranked up the heat, and made our way home. It was cold, but we did have fun. IN 62 is a certainly an entertaining way to travel most of the way to Huber's from Evansville.

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