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2016 Event Photos
West Baden 

The temperature was 40-ish or maybe still in the 30's, but the sun was shining on the morning of the 9th. We huddled like penguins in Antarctica to hide from the chill, eager to begin the first drive of 2016.

New member Mitch Deep (in the brown jacket) showed up for his first drive with us.

Terry Davis (wearing a blue jacket, talking to Jeff Jackson) is a long-time member but hasn't been on many drives. We were happy to see him and his wife Sally out to start the season.

Mark gathered signatures and checked off items on his list.

By the time everyone was assembled, there would be 15 cars going to West Baden. Mark gave out final instructions and advice and we were on our way. We head north on 261 and make our way toward Boonville.

Bright spring grass and budding trees are a cheery sight.

We zip through the Warrick County seat and into the countryside.

It's great to be out in our Porsches again.

If it's Spring, Summer or Fall, there's roadwork being done in Indiana.

This is a large group for such a small region. It's exciting to see so many Porsches in front of us and behind.

We turn onto I-64 and make our way to the Birdseye exit.

Finally, we leave the Interstate and head north toward Birdseye.

Suddenly, the road is a lot more engaging than a four-lane divided highway.

Straights are short. Corners are tight. We're having fun. It's hard to get sharp photos with all the bumps and sharp turns, but you know what it's like to hustle through the woods.

We meet the inevitable farm machinery. The driver kindly pulled to the shoulder and slowed when he saw how many of us there were lined up behind him. We get rolling again, but not for long. Birdseye coming up.

Rest stop at the Sonoco station. Still cold outside.

Back on our way with Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier leading the pack.

Greg Collins flies past, followed by...

... Dale Fatland and Judy Ridings.

Jeff and Debbie Jackson lead the remaining cars.

Mike and Vicki Fox sweep past on the lookout for strays.

There's a wide and colorful assortment of Porsche models in today's drive, including Scott Klueh's 928, driven today by his son Bryce.

Finally, we're bumping along the brick drive of the West Baden Springs Hotel.

We're lucky. It's not too crowded for us to pull several tables together for the largest group we've ever had on a drive.

Friendly conversations happen easily with our group. Here Dee Dee Lewis (far left) and Judy Ridings (far right) chat with Linda Barth (left).

At one end of the table Mitch Deep entertains Loren Urfer, Mark Roethemeier, and (not shown)  Vicki and Mike Fox, Jerry and Susan Jindrich, and Dave Hostetter.

At this end of the table, Terry Davis has everyone's attention. Down the far side, from left: Cheryl and Mark Roethemeier, Terry and Sally Davis, Dawn and Phil Green, Dale Fatland and Judy Ridings, Jerry and Susan Jindrich, Vicki and Mike Fox. With backs to the camera, Jeff and Debbie Jackson, Greg Collins, Kelly and Michele Dora, Scott Klueh and (not shown) Linda Barth, Manuel Ramirz and Dee Dee Lewis, Dave Hostetter, Mitch Deep, and Loren Urfer.

What a great way to start our driving season: a sunny spring day, good friends, hot cars, engaging route, elegant destination, and a pleasant meal. Life is good!

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