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2016 Event Photos
Rough River State Park, Kentucky

Saturday, April 23 was cool and foggy at 9:00 in the morning, but overcast skies did not discourage a record eighteen SIR-PCA drivers from meeting at the Newburgh Lock and Dam for our second drive of the year.

Brightly colored Porsches made up for gloomy skies as we headed east...

... along Indiana 66 toward Rockport.

Lots of cars today. Lots of smiles. Clockwise from top left: Jeff and Debbie Jackson, Dave and Gail Hostetter, Greg and Kelly Eyer, and Eric Provost.

We crossed the Ohio River and its floodplains into Kentucky...

... and soon found the winding roads that make this trip so enjoyable.

With so many cars and several new members on this drive, we had lots to talk about during our pit stop at a Marathon station.

Time to go again, but not too far to our destination.

Now and then, you could see all or most of the cars at one time.

This is our second trip to Rough River State Park.

Pretend that Toyota is not in the picture.

In the back row (from left to right): Mark Rothemeier, Greg Eyer, Mitch Deep, Jeff Jackson, Gary Maier, Larry Vandagriff, Dave Hostetter, Bob Myers, Manuel Ramirez, Mark Faris, Dale Fatland, Eric Provost, Gary Stroud, Richard Gustafson and his son, and Rick Davenport.
Second row: Chery Rothemeier, Kelly Eyer, Gail Hostetter, Debbie Jackson, Sharon Burks-Maier, Debbie Vandagriff, Tom Southwell, Melinda Myers, Judy Ridings, Linda Barth, Scott Klueh, and Rosie Stroud. Front row: Rita Southwell, Susan Jindrich and Jerry Jindrich.

The lodge's buffet lunch was excellent and inexpensive. We filled this private room and had a great time.

After lunch we stretched our legs on a patio overlooking the lake.

Only Linda Barth and Scott Klueh were energetic enough to climb down to the lake and back.

Anyone who wanted to go home by way of Owensboro was invited to follow Scott that way...

... for a different bit of scenery.

Thirsty after the day's adventures, several people headed to Fetta's near the waterfront...

... for a cold beer and a hot slice of pizza. Was this a fun day, or what?

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