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Roethemeier Cookout

It's Saturday afternoon, October 29. The sun is low in the fall sky. Porsche owners are gathering for a casual cookout at Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier's.

While the burgers and hot dogs sizzle on the grill, the guys' attention is focused in Mark's garage.

Mark points out engineering features of his classic Alfa Romeo to Jeff Jackson and Criss Yelton.

(Archive photo from 2014, in case you haven't seen the classic 1985 GTV6.)

Macie and Criss Yelton visit with Cheryl as she checks on the last items on the grill.

(L-R) Dawn Green, Debbie Jackson, Sharon Burks-Maier, Susan Jindrich, and Linda Barth
talk about subjects other than the Alfa Romeo.

Looks good. Smells great. Time to serve.

Choosing from a mouth-watering array of side dishes: (L-R) Judy Ridings, Dee Dee Lewis, Manuel Ramirez, Susan Jindrich, Mark Roethemeier, Dale Fatland, Jeff Jackson, and Macie Yelton.

"Bun" appetit! Sorry. Couldn't resist. Phil Green smiles while Dave Hostetter adds to his

Dining on the gazebo: Scott Klueh, Tom and Rita Southwell, and Dale Fatland.

For dessert, a 2-day-early birthday cake with 71 candles. Can he blow them all out?

Just kidding. One wasn't too difficult for Jerry Jindrich.

Engaged in animated discussions, Dave Hostetter, Phil Green, Mike Fox, Mitch Deep, and Manuel Ramirez.

Gary Maier and Mark Roethemeier, too.

And so it goes into the evening: a few hours with friends,...

... Friends who share at least one particular common interest. We missed you.

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