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2016 Event Photos
Overlook Drive  

15 drivers and their passengers gathered at Newburgh's Lock and Dam Park on July 23rd for the exciting and scenic drive along Indiana 66 to the Overlook Restaurant at Leavenworth, IN.

Event Chairman Mark Roethemeier distributed directions for the drive because we would encounter a couple of detours due to highway construction.

New enthusiasts joining us for this drive: (L-r) Steve Provost (black Cayman GT4), Randy and Tami Brown (silver 911) and Chuck Walter and Cyndi Miser (silver Boxster).

We headed east toward Reo and Lockport along a four-lane stretch that allowed our photographers to drive alongside to capture typical SIR-PCA drivers' expressions.

(Our set of shots missed Scott Klueh and Linda Barth, who had driven ahead of the group.)
We made a pit stop in Tell City and then followed IN37,...

... north through some scenery we hadn't driven through on past drives.

The IN66 detour then followed IN70 east to Derby and, finally, the hilly and twisty parts of this drive that we all enjoy so much.

But first, a slow piece of construction equipment.

In seconds, we're past and enjoying the open road.

In Derby, we found a bridge being rebuilt,...

... and not far beyond, a formidable stone wall protecting this home from careless drivers at a sharp turn.

Boxster owners Chuck Walter and Eric Provost enjoyed the open air on this sunny day.

Of course, we passed the photogenic Mail Pouch barn as we neared the Overlook.

This must be the place.

For lunch we were seated at two long tables with great views overlooking the Ohio River, but
for the most part our animated conversations ignored the scenery and covered all kinds of topics. In the foreground, Mitch Deep talks with Mark. Along the far side of the table from left to right: Judy Ridings and Dale Fatland (hidden from view), Scott Klueh, Linda Barth, Mark Roethemeier, and Rick Davenport (not shown).

Here's Rick on the right. On the other side of this table: Mitch Deep (not shown), Cheryl Roethemeier, Jeff and Debbie Jackson, Dee Dee Lewis and Manuel Ramirez.

Down the far side of the second table: (l-r) Cyndi Miser (not shown), Chuck Walter, Kelly Dora, Tami and Randy Brown, and Phil Green. With backs to camera: Susan Jindrich and Michele Dora. Taking the indoor pictures: Jerry Jindrich (not shown).

Further down at this table, (l-r) Dawn Green, Sharon and Gary Maier.

Extending the pleasure of a group drive, several drivers followed Mark back along IN 62 toward Evansville.

The ride wasn't as wild as some stretches of IN 66, but there were plenty of curves and the route was new to us.

There's something perfect about motoring through dense forests in our Porsches.

 Perhaps there's some kind of kinship with the back roads of Germany.

Once we reached Santa Claus, IN, and Holiday World, several people headed south to a peach orchard and the remainder drove on home. Nice day. 

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