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Olney, IL, and that Wabash Cannonball Bridge 

On a hot Saturday, June 11 we met in the Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union Parking Lot to hear instructions from this morning's lead driver, Dave Hostetter. Dave had plotted a pleasant route north, through Vincennes, into Illinois, across the formidable Wabash Cannonball Bridge, and on to Olney for lunch and a chance to see the famous white squirrels.

We headed west for a few blocks and then turned north onto IN-65.

IN-65 meanders north away from Evansville along twisty roads...

... and into the Indiana countryside.

Gently undulating fields of early summer crops kept our vistas short.

Every hill could only hint at what lay beyond:

... unexpected curves, rows of young corn,...

... a surprising turn and dip.

It wasn't all farmland, either, as we slipped through various little communities.

But, of course, we are well-mannered.

Corn and soybeans are not the only products of Indiana. Countrymark has an oil refinery near Mount Vernon and owns oil fields in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.

We stopped for a break and some shade at this closed gas station.

Back on the road, it's clear that we've entered the flat farmlands of Illinois.

We didn't have to go far to reach the fabled Wabash Cannonball Bridge.

This is just the approach. Are we sure it's safe?

Sure, send the photographers, first. If they make it, we can all go.

Notice the smiles of drivers and passengers. Are they happy because it's a beautiful day, or simply relieved that they made it across? Clockwise from top left: Dave Hostetter, Cheryl and Mark Roethemeier, Rita and Tom Southwell, and Judy Ridings and Dale Fatland.

x Doug May his son, Sharon and Gary Maier, Debbie and Jeff Jackson, and Bob Myers.

Michele and Kelly Dora in their new Boxster, Linda Barth and Scott Klueh in Scott's new Cabrio, Susan and Jerry Jindrich, and Vicky and Mike Fox in their new Audi TTS.

Next stop was Olney's city park,...

... where we watched for, but never saw, the famous white squirrels. White squirrels may have more common sense that humans when it comes to hanging out in a parking lot on a hot afternoon.

We did have the pleasure of meeting new member Kerry Camp (friend of Rick Davenport), who drove up from his Southern Illinois home to meet us for the first time. Kerry recently acquired this nicely-detailed Boxster S.

We quickly abandoned all hope of seeing the squirrels and went to lunch. Here we were joined by Loren Urfer, who also lives in Olney.

For entertainment, we celebrated two birthdays.

Jeff Jackson turned 39 or thereabouts on June 11.

Susan Jindrich turned 39 on the 12th. She may actually be tricking us about her age. Fellow early childhood education professionals swear she's a lot younger.

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