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2016 Event Photos
New Harmony 

You know it's going to be a great day when you roll up to a parking lot full of Porsches and eager PCA members. Sunday, September 18 was that kind of day.

There was Event Chair Mark Rothermeier with his sign-in sheets, pen, and a welcoming smile, ready to lead us to New Harmony, Indiana, to meet up with members of the Central Indiana Region and enjoy the annual Kunstfest.

There was a nice turnout, including several new members who were joining us on their first drive.

After the instructions, we were on our way westward, a long line of perfect German sports cars going to an historic German folk festival.

The drive to New Harmony is pleasant; just right for a leisurely Sunday morning.

It was perfect, top-down weather for our Boxsters and Cabrios.

We met the CIR group at the Red Geranium Restaurant and filled their parking lot with cars from both regions.

Members mingled and discussed the varied Porsches on display.

The most senior CIR car was this well-preserved 1967 911.

The ladies visited and then drifted to the many shops and booths lining New Harmony's streets.

Many guys eventually did as well.

It was such a great day, everyone was cheerful.

The festival included these marching pipers, photographed by Dale Fatland.

CIR invited people to vote for their favorite CIR cars and announced the winners when we got back together around noon (that 1967 911 was the favorite).

Then we all wove through whichever streets weren't blocked off for the festival to regroup at the Athenium, New Harmony's visitor center. CIR visits New Harmony every four years or so, but they never tried to assemble and photograph so many cars before.

Shots were taken from various angles and we returned to our cars for the short trip to our next photo location. 

The Labyrinth provided another picturesque group shot. CIR's photographer can be seen on the ladder.

The intent was to include the Layrinth with all the cars, but with so many cars, your faithful SIR shooter didn't have a lens wide enough to capture the entire scene.

Mitch Deep shot this panorama with his smartphone. The distortion comes from multiple images being electronically "stitched together" but the image captures everyone.

With the Labyrinth as a backdrop, SIR members who planned to meet for lunch at the Red Geranium signaled their intention. CIR members drove to Newburgh to dine at the Edgewater Grill.

We happened to follow the CIR group back toward Evansville and were kind of fascinated by the difference between this early 911's narrow tires and somewhat delicate lines and today's models. However, the fundamental and excellent 911 shape has never been lost.

Today's drive was certainly different and fun. Participating in a gathering of more than thirty cars and mixing with another PCA region was an unusual treat.

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