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Kentucky Lake Drive 

The weather can be tricky in Southern Indiana. Saturday morning was overcast, but drivers and passengers were eager to get on the road. Evansville's exotic Gazebo was a fitting meeting place for a drive that would take us down some new back roads through Kentucky to a lunch at the legendary Patti's restaurant, and on to some casual R&R at the Klueh lake house.

Mark gathered signatures and gave some general instructions for the day.

Scott Klueh would lead us through the countryside on a scenic and winding route to an overlook next to the dam at the north end of Kentucky Lake, then on to Patti's, and finally (for those who wished to unwind for a while) to the lake house.

The first leg of our journey took us toward the Ohio River and into Kentucky. Hmm. Should have waited to gas up in Henderson.

Soon we're past Ellis Park and climbing over the Ohio.

Soon we were headed toward Morganfield and Sturgis.

The sun began to peak through, hinting of a glorious day for those in Boxsters and Cabrios.

Tree covered streets of Morganfield were picturesque.

Other scenery included horses,...

... fields full of corn,...

... and farm machinery.

Sturgis provided a rest stop.

Underway again.

Rock quarries in the area, very big trucks, ...

... and hilly terrain.

The variety was entertaining.

A line of Porsches, a sunny day, a pleasant drive. Nice.

Finally, we approached our destination: ...

... an overlook by Kentucky Dam, with a panoramic view of the Lake. The scene inspired members to bring out their cameras and smart phones.

Kerry Camp used the panorama feature on his phone to capture this distorted but intriguing view of our cars that are actually all pointed toward the center of a semi-circular parking area.
See more of Kerry's shots on the Member Photos page.

Today's participants and their cars.

(L-R) Jerry Jindrich (Photoshopped in), Terry and Danielle Camp, Scott Klueh and Linda Barth, Debbie and Jeff Jackson, Judy Ridings and Dale Fatland, Susan Jindrich, Dee Dee Lewis and Manuel Ramirez, Rita and Tom Southwell, Chuck Walter and Cyndi Miser, Michele and Kelly Dora, Dave Hostetter, Victoria and Mitch Deep. Cheryl and Mark Roethemeier had gone on ahead to Patti's when this photo was taken.

Next stop: Patti's 1880's Settlement.

Patti's is a well-known and very popular restaurant on the lake that specializes in good food.

The 1880's Settlement includes a variety of "shoppes" in nearby buildings.

Lunch was generous and everyone had a good time. Our normal photographers had to leave early. So Dale Fatland captured these shots of two of the tables.

Patti's decor is clearly over-the-top rustic.

After lunch, Manuel, Dee Dee, Dale, and Judy joined Scott and Linda at their lake house for a relaxing afternoon which included time out on the water while everyone else headed home.
Kentucky Lake was a different destination for us and Scott's route was fresh and interesting. Another great SIR-PCA drive!

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