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2016 Event Photos
SCCA Autocross, Lawrenceville, IL  (July 10)

July 10 was a hot, sunny Sunday at the airport near Lawrenceville, IL. Five SIR-PCA members came to pit their driving skills against the timekeeper's merciless clock.

Greg Collins brought his Cayman GT4. Terry Davis and Paul Dornburg took turns in Paul's 911 Targa.

Eric Provost drove his father's Cayman GT4.

Jeff Jackson drove his 911 GT3. 

Here are various shots from the afternoon.

Terry's given the signal to start and leaps toward the first turn.

Jeff and Eric await their turns while Terry attacks the course.

It may be hot but somebody's having lots of fun behind the wheel.

Jeff worked hard to bring his times down, adjusting tire pressure and experimenting with ballast (yours truly) to gain grip and shave seconds. On this day, adding a passenger for a little extra weight on the right side didn't help.

As Jeff finishes a run, Eric waits for the starter's signal.

At the end of each run, drivers are given a slip of paper with their recorded time.

Eric's father's GT4 is quick, but maybe the credit belongs to Eric?

Is it a mirage or is there a gap between the tarmac and the right front tire?

You decide.

Terry cools the Targa's tires while Paul waits for his run.

Like all of these SIR-PCA drivers, Paul is no slouch, leaving clouds of dust as he flies around the course.

Here, he sprints to the finish line and the electronic timing device.

Greg waits.

The Cayman digs into turns with little visible roll.

Terry prepares to ride with Greg for suggestions on shaving seconds.

Practice makes perfect.

Ready to try your driving skills? There are more autocross days scheduled this summer and fall. See Jeff, Terry, or Paul for details. Obviously,our five SIR-PCA members were having lots of fun. You would, too.

The sailplanes weren't flying on this afternoon but this highly maneuverable crop duster was working the nearby fields. Many of his sharp, low-altitude turns were just above us. A sports car with wings?

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