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2016 Event Photos
Huber Winery 

A heavy fog greeted us October 15th, but sunny skies were promised by the time we would reach the Huber Winery. PCA members from Central Indiana and Kentucky were driving up on the same weekend.

It seemed to be very early in the morning. Here, we're stuck behind a milk truck headed toward Boonville.

We don't often need our lights on during drives.

Our route follow Indiana 62, running parallel (in a meandering way) to Interstate 64.

Finally, some playful twists and turns.

Highway engineers made sure we were safe.

Railway engineers did not interrupt our journey, although we were sometimes hindered by slow moving traffic.

Highway 62 covers a lot of varied terrain.

Hints of fall colors brightened the scenery.

As we drove eastward, we encountered hills and valleys,...

... some sturdy cyclists,...

... and dense woods.

A brief run on the interstate took us to a rest stop. Then we hopped on again to find the exit that would take us to Huber's.

Plentiful signs helped the navigationally impaired to find our destination.

Porsches had their own parking area.

There may were dozens of cars from SIR, CIR, and Bluegrass Regions, including this venerable 356.

The winery was busy with tasters. Picnic tables and a huge tent gave us a place to sit and eat.

The lunch menu offered a variety of choices.

There was a lot of produce to choose from, too: apples, pumpkins, squash, and more. Plus a store full of baked goods, candies, jams, preserves, cider, and donuts.

Wagon loads of pumpkins seemed to be everywhere. Even this antique truck was used as a display.

This Kentucky license plate captured the excitement of a sunny October afternoon at Huber's.

The weather was great, the drive was entertaining, Huber's was festive, and seeing all the Porsches was fun. It's easy to see why this is a popular event for SIR!

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