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2015 Event Photos
Porsche Parade: Sunday
We met in the Castle High School parking lot for our drive to French Lick and a week of adventure.

Fourteen vehicles made the trek eastward on I-64.

We homed in on the French Lick casino's iconic dome.

Porsche and PCA signage greeted us, too,...

... as we made our way to the PCA Welcome tent...

... where we were given snacks, water, and instructions to follow Keith Snyder to the parking lots.

Friendly PCA folks greeted Greg and Judy Collins...

... and Mike and Vicky Fox.

We parked and went to the Event Center to register.

Parade Registration consisted of stops at tables around a large room to pick up various dinner and event tickets,...

... shirts that would identify us as volunteers and/or tour staff, ... 

... and a blue Parade backpack full of information and goodies from PCA and sponsors.

Finally, some of us stopped for lunch in the Power House restaurant.

Next on the agenda was checking in to either the French Lick Hotel...

... or the West Baden Springs Hotel.

Mouth-watering reminders of our common interest were everywhere.

A Welcome Social Hour and Dinner had been planned for the elegant French Lick Hotel gardens but was held in a covered area due to anticipated rain showers. 

A 1960s theme extended to a hippy MC and a costume contest.

Someone brought a replica of Janis Joplin's heavily decorated Porsche (or was it the real thing?).

The Southern Indiana Region was represented at two tables. Here, from left: Loren Urfer, Keith Snyder, Carolyn and Paul Dornburg, Terry Davis, and Debbie and Jeff Jackson.

The second and obviously cooler table featured Phil and Dawn Green, Jerry and Susan Jindrich, Judy Ridings (standing), Scott Klueh and Linda Barth, and Dale Fatland.

Maybe not cooler, but somewhat rowdier, especially with the addition of Judy and Greg Collins. 

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