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2015 Event Photos
Spring Cookout at the Jindrich's  

It rained on Saturday and thunderstorms were in the forecast for the afternoon and evening, but soon after the first guests arrived, the sun came out. The lawn was too wet for games of bocce, croquet, and horseshoes, but we dried off the patio chairs and enjoyed the sunshine and pleasant conversation.

All we have are morning-after photos since Jerry and Susan Jindrich were hosting this event instead of taking pictures, but perhaps you'll be able to imagine the fun we had from these few shots.

As usual, everyone brought food to supplement the burgers, brats, and hot dogs that Jerry cooked on the grill and the tasty baked beans from Susan's stove. The guest list included:
  Greg and Judy Collins
  Dale Fatland and Judy Ridings
  Mike and Vicky Fox
  Phil Green
  Dave Hostetter
  Jeff and Debbie Jackson
  Scott Klueh and Linda Barth
  Bob and JT Myers
  Cheryl and Mark Roethemeier
  Robert and Pamela Simpson
  Keith Snyder
  Rita and Tom Southwell
  Criss and Macie Yelton

After some socializing and dinner, the evening's entertainment consisted of soda tasting (not to be confused with wine tasting). 

Here's the background:

It didn't seem likely that we could arrange an outing on Route 66 (the original Mother Road from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California, not Indiana 66). For one thing, it was removed from the federal highway system in June of 1985. Some parts have been bypassed. Some have been abandoned. The closest it came to Southern Indiana was around East St. Louis, two and a half hours away. And besides, many of the quaint and curious roadside attractions are long gone.

You can still find nostalgic traces of the old route 66 spread out across the country, however, including new attractions with a real Wow factor like Pops near Arcadia, Oklahoma ( With a 66-foot-tall pop bottle outside, a restaurant inside, and gas pumps under a dramatic cantilevered roof, Pops gets attention.

Pops features a "Soda Ranch", a beverage selection of hundreds of choices! Reading the labels and imagining the flavors is a treat in itself, with names like Dang! That's Good Red Cream, Rocket Fizz Radiant Red, Freaky Dog Orange Bite, Blue Brainwash,  Goose Island Vanilla Cream Soda, Filbert's Watermelon Crush, and so on.

As luck would have it, Jerry and Susan Jindrich stopped at Pops on their way back from a short vacation in New Mexico and Texas a few days before our cookout. They carefully selected 24 bottles, looking for just the right vineyards and vintages (No. Wait. This was soda pop). They picked a nice selection of goofy names and flavors for a pop tasting after dinner.

It was different and fun and there were some very popular flavors. Here are some of the empty bottles.

A temporary model train layout was on display in the Jindrich's studio, featuring large (and durable), G-gauge locomotives and cars.  When grandchildren visit they often set up model train tracks throughout various rooms of the house, load the cars with dinosaurs, zoo animals, Smurfs, and pirates, and play for hours. 

The cookout was fun. No neighbors complained. The beautiful lilies brought by Pamela and Bob Simpson were still blooming a week later.

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