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2015 Event Photos
Overlook Restaurant, Leavenworth, Indiana 

The morning of September 26th was overcast and chilly, but the promise of another great drive through the Hoosier National Forest and on to the Overlook Restaurant brought out our biggest number of cars ever.

Many new members attended, including (L-R) Larry Vandagriff, Jeff Vandagriff, Shannon Lewis, and Debbie Vandagriff, shown here talking to Cheryl Roethemeier (back to camera).

Mark Roethemeier described the plan for the drive and reminded everyone that this was a "drive", not a "track event."

In all, there would be 16 cars and 27 people. Jasper Residents Gary and Rosie Stroud would join us just beyond Rockport.

Soon we were heading east behind new members Doug and Lyn May in their Boxster.

Behind us, Jeff Jackson drove while Debbie snapped a shot of Susan Jindrich,...

... who was shooting backwards through the sunroof with her camera strap wrapped around her wrist.

We shared the road with heavily loaded farm trucks.

We pulled up to a favorite pit stop near Troy, but found it was closed. Overwhelmed by all the tour pit stops during the Porsche Parade? Who knows?

We'll try again at McDonald's in Tell City.

The order of our cars has been shuffled, giving us a good look at Greg and Judy Collins' new Cayman.

McDonald's was undergoing renovations. We settled for a Taco Bell only to discover they had no coffee!

Underway again, we motored past the Cannelton locks and dam. Now we followed Dale Fatland and Judy Ridings.

Finally, we were getting close to the exciting part of the drive,...

... along the Ohio River,...
...past the corn and soybeans,...

... and into the woods. Behind us, Larry and Debbie Vandergriff in their red Cabrio.

Twisty roads, the beginnings of fall colors, mild weather, and little traffic,...

... an excellent day for driving!

There is nothing boring about this stretch of Indiana 66.

We slowed briefly through the riverside village of Derby to let a few cars pass and then fell in behind Scott Kleuh.

Beyond Derby, there is a short blast through some farmland. Then a sharp left.

Then back into the woods,...

... around a quick right,...

... and suddenly, there are blurred Porsches to your left going in the opposite direction uphill.

Susan tries valiantly to capture the moment with her camera.

Then it's our turn to execute the turn and make the steep climb.

After a bit, we begin to level out,...

... and soon find our selves making the turn at Sulphur, where Highway 66 joins Highway 62 to head east again.

Scott turned off and we followed the new Corvette driven by Dave Hostetter's friend, Greg Eyer. We were slowed briefly by a truck and trailer carrying bales of hay, but the driver kindly pulled over for us to pass.

Next, we came upon the picturesque Mail Pouch barn. Mark and Pam Faris lead through the curve in their Cayman, followed by Dave Hostetter in his Boxster and the 'Vette.

Highway 66 switches back unexpectedly to the northwest just before you get to the Overlook Restaurant. Greg and Judy Collins stopped to make sure people stayed on 62 for the last leg of the trip.

Once again, we enjoyed the Overlook's good food, good service, and panoramic view of the Ohio. The 26 of us filled three tables with excited chatter about the drive.

At this table, (L-R, with backs to windows) Larry and Debbie Vandagriff, Doug May, and Tom Southwell.

Facing them, (L-R) Rick Davenport, Lyn May, Shannon Lewis, and Jeff Vandagriff.

Here: Greg Collins, Mark Roethemeier, Judy Ridings, and Dale Fatland.

Manuel Ramirez and Dee Dee Lewis, Cheryl Roethemeier, and Judy Collins.

Pam and Mark Faris, and Jeff Jackson.

Far left: Susan Jindrich. Across the table: (L-R) Debbie Jackson, Dave Hostetter, Greg Eyer, and Gary and Rosie Stroud.

Finally, before the drive home, a serene view of this bend in the Ohio River. Once again, the Overlook Drive met all expectations.

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