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First Saturdays  

It's a cross between "kids in a candy store" and "morning coffee with friends". Usually held on the first Saturday morning of each month, SIR-PCA's Saturday get-togethers are casual, friendly, and often very interesting. 

D-Patrick welcomes us with hot coffee and fresh donuts and the lure of new cars to dream about in its showroom and on the lot. We try to hold on to our checkbooks and distract ourselves with conversations about a variety of topics, from sports to health, families to travel, business to hobbies, and back, of course, to Porches.

It's good to spend a little time with friends. It's fun to get to know them better. An hour or so seems to be the right amount of time to catch up.

Though we usually drive our familiar Porsches to these gatherings, once in a while someone shows up in something else from his garage. Sometimes it's a new Porsche. Sometimes it's something completely different. No matter. We all want to see. 

In addition to a wide range of interesting Porsches, we've had the pleasure of seeing Dale Fatland's vintage Corvette, Emil Webber's exotic beauties, and Howard Wells' Nissan Leaf. 

You never know what to expect or who will show up on a Saturday, but you will be welcomed by friends who all share the same appreciation for the performance, style, engineering, and quality of Porsche automobiles. Join us.

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