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Lake Barkley, Kentucky  

Evansville's Four Freedoms Monument offered a new and dramatic starting point for our August 16th drive to Scott Klueh's lake house on Lake Barkley.

Eager, despite the overcast sky, (L-R),  are the participants of today's drive: Jerry Jindrich, JT and Bob Myers, Linda Barth and Scott Klueh, Susan Jindrich, Sharon and Gary Maier, Michelle and Kelly Dora, Macie and Criss Yelton, and Rita and Tom Southwell.

Our first landmarks were the twin bridges over the Ohio, leading to Henderson, Kentucky.

Political campaign signs encouraged us to mind our manners.

Underway after navigating Henderson's traffic, we headed west through some coal and horse country.

Some stretches were long and straight,...

... but, eventually, we came to some twisty bits.

Our pit stop in Sturgis included someone actually buying gas.

From there, it was a short hop to Fredonia and the amazing Feagan's Furniture store, a popular supplier of a wide array of lake cottage furnishings.

Some people wandered through the maze of rooms full of furniture while others tested this cosy seating arrangement.

Criss checked out a comfy recliner. 

Fortunately, none of our cars were well suited to carrying furniture and we hit the road again.

Soon we found Lake Barkley,...

... and wound our way to Echo Charlie's Marina for lunch.

Then, we slipped deep into the forest,...

... past a pretty country church,...

... charging closer in incomparable Porsche style,... 

... to the lake house...

... and its relaxing view of Lake Barkley.

We unwound from our travels and...

... enjoyed awesome desserts. 

Many thanks to Linda and Scott for hosting this enjoyable outing to Lake Barkley, Kentucky!

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