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2013 Event Photos
Wine and Cheese Party 

2013 began as 2012 had ended, with a short drive to Criss and Macie Yelton's friendly home for a casual get together.

Everyone contributed to an array of delicious items on the dining room table...

...and everyone took something away. Here, Dale Fatland, Criss Yelton and Mark Roethemeier make their first pass at the goodies.

The mood was festive and conversations ranged from food to travel to children to cars. Here, Bob Myers speculated about the Carrera GT as an investment opportunity.

Dale treated us to a short course in wines and brought examples from the U.S.A., Australia, Spain, and Germany.

Bob and Melinda Myers, Judy Ridings and Susan Jindrich enjoyed his introduction... did Cheryl Roethemeier, Jan Webber, and all the rest of us.

Bottle by bottle, Dale led us through a variety of white and red wines.

Appearance? Aroma? Taste? Aftertaste? Now let's try another.

Criss Yelton, Bob Simpson, Phil and Dawn Green, Macie Yelton, Pamela Simpson, Judy Ridings and Bob Myers all agreed that this was a pleasant and interesting way to spend an evening.

After the tasting, we were invited to have (you guessed it) a glass of wine. Susan Jindrich looks on as Dale pours Emil Weber a little more Piesporter Michelsberg.

You might have noticed that people were wearing name tags. As noted in club newsletters, if we had photos of members' cars, they appeared on the name tags with members' names. If we didn't have a photo, you could pick a blank tag with a generic white Porsche similar to yours, add your name, and color the photo to match your own car.

Finally, it was time to thank Criss and Macie and say goodnight to Brody, the sweet and ever hopeful food scrounger.

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