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2013 Event Photos
Garden of the Gods Recreation Area, Illinois  

We met at Willard Library on the west side of Evansville on the morning of October 26 for our first drive to the Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois and headed west.

After a pit stop in Mt. Vernon, IN, for necessities and for our photographers to catch up, we crossed the Wabash River and entered Illinois.

Like Indiana, much of Illinois is covered by great expanses of farmland, but we were headed for something very different.

But first, we saw farms...

... where the fall harvest was well underway.

We breezed through the small towns of Omaha and Equality...

... and the roads got a little more interesting with gentle undulations and curves.


We brought some of our own bright fall colors to the Shawnee National Forest.

A well-maintained path led to the main attraction:

awesome limestone cliffs and rock formations that are roughly 320 million years old.

The urge to explore was hard to resist. Here Phil Green and Mark Roethemeier found a perch for a good view. Criss Yelton and son Andrew climb through a gap. Judy Ridings and Macie Yelton keep an eye on an unidentified child.

Phil Green and several other people brought cameras to capture the spectacular scene.

It was an exciting place for pictures. Scott Klueh and Linda Barth posed for this shot.

Everyone posed for this group shot. Bottom step (L-R): Cheryl Roethemeier and Phil Green.
Next step: Macie Yelton, Jerry and Susan Jindrich, Pamela Simpson, Judy Ridings, Linda Barth, and Scott Klueh. Last row: Andrew and Criss Yelton, Larry and Patricia Gosh, Mark Roethemeier, Bob Simpson, Tom Southwell, and Dale Fatland. Photo by Jerry, Phil, and Photoshop.

Fortunately, we stumbled upon a great restaurant in tiny Equality, IL.

This gave us time to visit with Patricia and Larry Gosh, who plan to join PCA. We met Larry and toured his car collection and Patricia's doll collection last year in New Harmony.

The menu included tasty and surprisingly generous 2-inch thick pork chops. Several people carried leftovers home from this meal!

Here, Judy, Dale, and the leftover pork chop head home after our very enjoyable drive to the Garden of the Gods.

Late addition to the photos: the SIR-PCA events photographers in their rarely photographed Carrera 4 leaving Equality as captured by Phil Green.

©2013 Southern Indiana Region of the Porsche Club of America