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2012 Event Photos
LeMans Party 

Once again, Criss and Marcie Yelton invited SIR members over for an end-of-year LeMans party.

Though conversations often center around Porsches, SIR members share many common interests and always seem to enjoy social gatherings. Barb Tennyson, Mark Roethemeier, Dawn and Phil Green, Dale Fatland and Ben Tennyson (L to R) had no shortage of topics.

Mike Fox checked his photos while Cheryl Roethemeier chatted with Jan and Emil Webber.

In the dining room, Scott Kleuh and Linda Barth (foreground) shared desserts and swapped stories with Bob and Pamela Simpson.

The evening's entertainment included beautifully rendered music.

Judy Ridings, Vicky Fox and Linda Barth enjoyed Criss's selections.

Most of the guys watched Ferrari and Porsche fight it out in Steve McQueen's classic racing film, LeMans.

It seems the ladies didn't lack for amusement, either.

Many thanks to Macie and Criss!

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