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2011 Event Photos
First Saturdays at Donut Bank

Informal meetings were held in the parking lot adjoining Evansville's Green River Road Donut Bank on the first Saturdays of most months during 2011. The location was conveniently located just across the street from the D-Patrick Porsche showrooms. As you can see in the following images from June and October, the gatherings offered a great way to get together casually for an hour or so, enjoy coffee and a donut, and talk about our Porsches.

Coffee and donuts are a short walk away.

The entertainment potential of a row of classic Porsches stirs the imagination...

...and deserves to be photographed. Here, Mike Fox finds an interesting angle.

Keith Snyder describes his custom 930 and his first Driver Education event to Phil Green, Mark Roethemeier, Mike Fox and Dale Fatland.

Keith explains modifications to the car to Tom Michelsen and Mike Fox...

...including the fabrication of this enormous tail.

Details of Mike's 911 SC are discussed and compared with Keith's and Dale's cars.

Saturdays are a great time to talk about maintaining the classic cars. Here, Phil Green and Tom Michelson share mechanical knowledge and tips.

Mark Roethemeier and Criss Yelton inspect Mark's newly purchased 1990 Carrera 4.

Dale, Phil and Tom enjoying the morning sun.

Each car is unique and has its own place in the history of Porsche and in the owner's lives, from the stylish details of Tom Michelsen's 1974 Targa... this emblem adorning his 1969 912 (a rust-free treasure found in California).

Here, Mark gets a feel for the orange 912's 4-cylinder power and light-weight handling.

On October 1, from left to right, Tom Michelsen, Jerry Jindrich, Phil Green, dale Fatland, Mike Fox, Mark Roethemeier, and Keith Snyder. Photo by a helpful person who stopped by to see the cars.

After a pleasant morning, during which we all learned a little more about each other and our magnificent machines, we depart,...

...mingling with Southern Indiana traffic, returning occasional smiles, waves, and thumbs-up signs from people who appreciate (and may wish they owned) a Porsche.

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