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2011 Event Photos
Overlook Restaurant

Saturday, November 5th, greeted us with crisp, fall sunshine and set the tone for a great ride along Indiana Highway 66, through the Hoosier National Forest, and to the Overlook Restaurant at Leavenworth.

First things first. Mike and Vicky Fox add their names to the paperwork.

Soon we're off with Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier leading the way in their Cayman.

At first our pace was set by a big Cadillac but we left him pretty quickly.

The drive offered everything from gentle undulations... scenic straights... swooping dips...

...and pulse-quickening turns.

The conditions were perfect.

The day was ideal.

Lots of people were out enjoying a morning ride.

Passing was a bit of a problem, but on such a nice day...

...our Porsches gave us plenty of smiles.

Here already?

Group photo. This weeks puzzler: How did the person who shot this photo get in the picture?

On left side of table: Cheryl (not pictured) and Mark Roethemeier, and Phil and Dawn Green. On the right: Dave Hostetter, Dale Fatland, Judy Ridings, and Susan Jindrich.

On the right side of table: Greg and Judy Collins and Adele Hold.

On left: Mike and Vicky Fox, Manuel Ramirez and friend Kathy. At right: Ken Hold.

Ken Hold and Mike Fox must be swapping Porsche stories.

After lunch, we enjoyed the Overlook Restaurant's panoramic view.

Do we take the easy way home on I-64 or go back the way we came?

Special thanks to Susan Jindrich for the action shots taken while Jerry concentrated on finding appropriate gears, steering, and operating the sunroof.